Task 18
Task 18
SHC Task 18

Advanced Glazing Materials for Solar Applications

Project (Task) Description

Established as a follow-up to the glazings work of Task 10, this Task aims to develop the scientific, engineering and architectural basis to support the appropriate use of advanced glazings in buildings in order to achieve significant energy and environmental benefits.

The applications assessment activity focuses on identifying the best glazing materials for particular applications, predicting the energy and environmental benefits of advanced glazing materials, and assessing the effect of climate on performance. Modelling studies will play an important part in this work.

Fourteen case studies have been initiated which integrate a series of material development and measurement activities to enable an extensive, in-depth determination and examination of material properties (optical, thermal, mechanical, etc.) and performance levels for a variety of glazing materials. Materials included in the case study projects are transparent insulation, aerogels, switchable (chromogenic) glazings, low-emittance coating, evacuated glazings, and light transport and holographic media. Particular attention is being paid to the subject of frame and edge seal technology and to the development of high performance frames.

Based on the knowledge gained in these activities, a variety of reports will be compiled to provide guidance on the application of advanced materials. These will include technical summaries of individual materials across a range of building types, advice on the availability and use of design tools, and assessment of the energy and environmental implications of advanced glazing materials.